BAT photo Ellen Schwartz Lan Nguyen BAT 43

LAMV-CF Supports Emerging Nonprofits

“Thanks to LAMV-CF’s Resilient Los Altos program, our neighborhood has become better prepared for emergencies and also a closer and friendlier community.”

-Lan Nguyen & Ellen Schwartz

LAMV-CF believes that a solid local nonprofit ecosystem requires grant funding and the support of emerging organizations. Through a fiscal sponsorship approach, we help local organizations establish their programs and services while assuming the responsibility for managing the administrative burden of operating as a nonprofit. This incubation allows LAMV-CF staff to work with these organizations’ leaders to grow capacity and program delivery and improve organizational effectiveness.

Learn more about why we think fiscal sponsorships matter in this LAMV-CF blog post.

Current organizations in our emerging nonprofits incubation program include: