Join our Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle Members Boris and Laura Teksler

Your legacy gift is vital for growing the LAMVCF Endowment Fund, which provides consistent support for the foundation. It enables us to provide ongoing support for our local nonprofits, address future needs, and preserve our community’s vitality. Legacy gifts of all sizes make a significant impact and are deeply valued.

When you name LAMVCF as a beneficiary of your legacy gift, you’re invited to join our Legacy Circle. As a member, you’ll receive special benefits, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to our community’s lasting legacy.

The Legacy Circle recognizes the extraordinary commitment of people who include Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation in their estate plans through a planned gift. Circle members’ generous, far-reaching support allows LAMVCF to build its positive influence on your community long into the future.

We’ve chosen to include a gift in our will to LAMVCF because it is committed to nurturing all that makes our community special. We know we are leaving a part of our legacy in good hands.”


Our Legacy Circle Members

Lois and Bob Adams
Marie and Dave Backs
Shelley and Steve Brown
Joelle and Roger Burnell
*Jean and Art Carmichael
Claudia and *Bill Coleman
Cindy and John E. Cook
*Margi Gould and Ki Cotter
Marlene and Carl Cottrell
Jean and Mike Couch
Lani and Gary Dorff
Eileen and Robert Eng
Teri and Joe Eyre
Margo Felt
Karen Parker and Joe Fusco
Ellen and Paul Gonella
Judy Hannemann
Janet and Sam Harding
Bette and Steve Houtchens
Vivienne Hsu and Ken Tsai
Laurel and Bob Iverson
Mady and Mel Kahn
Mike Kasperzak
Susan and Bob Kresek
Sue and Peter LaTourrette
Penny and *Roy Lave
Ginny and King Lear
Kathy and Lee Lera
Ann and George Limbach
Jean and Alan Limbach

Barbara and Gary Loebner
Marilyn Manning Lonergan
Richard Lonergan
Joan MacDonald
Sally and *John Mandle
Cheryl and John Miller
Jennifer and Adin Miller
Liz and *Paul Nyberg
Anabel Pelham
Kathy and John Radford
Anne and Bert Raphael
Vicki and Dave Reeder
Henry Roux
Sally and Joel Shaps
Bev and Steve Shepherd
Michael B. Singleton
*Louise Spangler
Laura and Boris Teksler
Emy and *Jim Thurber
*Kay and Jon Tompkins
Karen and Paul Van Buren
Fran Vella and *Mark Winitz
*Twila and Clay Woods
*Roberta and Dennis Young