Ways to Give

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We believe in the power of collective action and the profound impact individuals can have on their communities — your support is a catalyst for positive change. There are various avenues for you to contribute. 

Whether you’re passionate about immediate impact, long-term giving, or leaving a lasting legacy, our diverse giving options cater to your unique philanthropic goals.

"I’m so grateful to the foundation and their donors, who sponsor important programs like MVLA Scholars, the Civic Academy, and Fondo de Solidaridad. These programs make a real difference in the daily lives of the local Latino community."



Former MVLA Scholar, volunteer with Fondo de Solidaridad, and Mountain View resident.
Make a meaningful gift today by contributing to our Community Impact Fund. Your donations, big or small, fuel our efforts to address pressing community needs and create a brighter future for all. Learn more >
Open a DAF
Take control of your giving and establish a Donor-Advised Fund with LAMVCF. This personalized giving vehicle empowers you to strategically distribute funds to causes you care about while enjoying tax benefits. Learn more >
Become a valued partner in our mission by sponsoring LAMVCF. Your sponsorship enables us to amplify our reach, strengthen our programs, and make a more significant difference in the communities we serve. Learn more >
Consider leaving a lasting impact by including LAMVCF in your estate planning. Your legacy gift ensures that your commitment continues to shape the future of our community into the future. Learn more >
Support a variety of local initiatives by contributing to a designated fund started by different community members. These funds address a range of needs, providing a collective way to drive change. Learn more >

At LAMVCF, we are committed to making your giving experience meaningful and impactful. Explore the various ways you can be a force for good, and join us in building a stronger, more vibrant community together.

Learn more about our impact over the last 33 years.