Nonprofit Incubator Program
Transforming Ideas Into Nonprofits
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Nadja Jackson Program Officer

About The Program

We believe that strong communities must include a thriving nonprofit ecosystem. In our role as a funder and community builder with a hyper-local focus, we guide financial and talent resources from donors to existing nonprofits, and also provide support to emerging organizations to help build and strengthen our local system.

One specific strategy to support emerging nonprofits involves fiscal sponsorship, in which the foundation collects and tracks donations on behalf of projects or entities that do not qualify for their own tax-exemption. We provide administrative and back-end support while they build out their operations.

For a smaller subset of projects we help incubate, LAMVCF staff works with leaders of these groups to grow capacity and program delivery while improving organizational effectiveness, with an aim to eventually launch as an independent nonprofit.

What Projects Qualify for the Nonprofit Incubator Program?

Projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Support and test a concept that will directly benefit the residents of the communities we serve
  • Address a gap in the current tapestry of services available in our communities
  • Avoid duplication of existing organizations

We are especially interested in supporting women- or BIPOC-led projects.

It is not very common for a community foundation to have this type of offering, but we feel it is critical in order to develop a robust, local nonprofit ecosystem.

Why do we think fiscal sponsorships matter so much? Learn more in this post by our CEO, Adin Miller.

Current Projects

Appetite for Good

Appetite for Good offers a food resiliency program for Mountain View-based restaurants that have been impacted by the pandemic and who wish to implement solutions in their businesses that will help with long-term resiliency.


The AWE Network supports the professional growth and development of Asian Women by providing network, resources and opportunities for Asian Women to give back to the community and empower one another.

Center for Age-Friendly Excellence

Center for Age-Friendly Excellence (CAFE) is advancing our understanding of age-friendly cities and communities. CAFE intends to drive transformational change in creating healthy, active, sustainable, and engaged intergenerational communities.


Community Women’s Chorus is an ensemble of dedicated singers who are devoted to performing uplifting choral music to those in senior living facilities and memory care centers.


Evergreen Collective is a nonprofit organization that builds sustainable financial development systems for BIPOC-led & serving nonprofits and their communities.

Los Altos First Fridays

First Fridays promotes vibrancy and builds community in downtown Los Altos by organizing a free, fun, and family-oriented event on the First Friday of each month from 6-8 pm.

Fondo de Solidaridad de Mountain View

Fondo de Solidaridad de Mountain View (FSMV) is a multi-racial, cross-class collaboration led by working-class Latina immigrants in Mountain View to support working-class Latino families in Mountain View.

GreenTown Los Altos

GreenTown Los Altos has a mission to protect and enhance the environment of Los Altos & Los Altos Hills through community engagement, education, and advocacy while contributing to and leveraging regional and global environmental efforts.

Listos Mountain View

Listos Mountain View supports and advocates for the needs of children of immigrant families in Mountain View to empower families and create a stronger community.

“We act to bring a positive change to these families in a lot of desperation… and we want to be the ray of hope for them.”

Member of Fondo de Solidaridad de Mountain View in an interview with the Mountain View Voice.

Los Altos Forward

Los Altos Forward believes it’s more important than ever to support and feel proud of our downtown. They envision a downtown that’s more than just buildings in which to shop and dine; it’s a place with wonderful public spaces where citizens can come to have fun, socialize, and see their friends and neighbors.

MVLA Scholars

MVLA Scholars serves low-income, first-generation college students from Mountain View and Los Altos. A unique combination of ongoing financial support, one-on-one mentoring, an emphasis on career readiness, and a deep community-based network ensure our Scholars are empowered to succeed in life.

MVLA Service League of Boys

MVLA Service League of Boys (SLOBs) is for parents and sons to initiate and promote educational and charitable endeavors that foster community responsibility as well as strengthen their parent-son relationship.


Resilient Los Altos is dedicated to improving the resilience of the community of Los Altos, California, and adjacent areas. Their goal is to work with major stakeholders to help residents be prepared to handle major emergencies.

Senior Inclusion and Participation Project (SIPP)

Senior Inclusion and Participation Project (SIPP) is an innovative, community-based project to raise awareness of the loneliness experienced by many of today’s older adults and to reduce the impact social isolation has on their health and psychological well-being.

Soil&Water Garden

Soil&Water Garden is a group of greater Mountain View residents with a love for the outdoors, getting our hands dirty, and creating DIY projects. We want to help build a community space where people can come to gather, garden, create, and learn from each other.

TACO: Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra

TACO (Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra) is a full symphonic orchestra with musicians from around the Bay Area who gather once a month in Los Altos or Mountain View to play music for fun. It’s a social and supportive intergenerational community with musicians of all skill levels and talents.

Together We Can

Together We Can (TWC) is an organization designed for youth to give back in a meaningful way. Their goal is to have girls find out the true needs of their own community and work together to decide how best to fill in the gaps.

Alumni Projects

These successful nonprofits started as projects with the LAMVCF Nonprofit Incubator Program. We’re proud to see them thrive as independent 501(c)(3) nonprofits in our community.

Living Classroom

Living Classroom partners with schools to expose students from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade to environmental literacy through hands-on garden based lessons in edible and native gardens cultivated at their school.

Mentor Tutor Connection

Mentor Tutor Connection (MTC) aims to enhance the academic, social, and emotional growth of students in our community through meaningful connections with adult mentors and tutors. MTC places almost 200 volunteers with more than 450 students in schools throughout Los Altos and Mountain View each year.


WomenSV empower survivors, trains providers and educates the community to break the cycle of covert abuse and coercive control in intimate partner relationships.