In Mountain View, a potential humanitarian crisis is slowly unfolding.

The enforcement of Measure C began on October 1. Measure C states that residents of oversize vehicles (like RVs and trailers) are only allowed to park on certain city streets. In addition, they, as well as residents of cars and vans, are required to move every 72 hours or run the risk of getting towed.

That may not seem like a big deal, but for these residents, it means potentially losing their homes. 

Vehicle residents already live in difficult circumstances, and moving every 72 hours is a major stressor when time could be better spent earning a living. For those with vehicles that are no longer operable or are not self-powered (like trailers), the challenges are even more formidable. 

Currently, there are no available spaces at any of the city’s safe lots (where vehicle dwellers can reside in safety and receive services), nor at transitional housing like LifeMoves. We also understand there is no current plan from the City of Mountain View to open additional long-term safe parking.

In speaking with local support organizations Reach Potential Movement (RPM) and Community Services Agency (CSA), as well as community organizers, we identified immediate and long-term funding needs. 

  • The immediate need amounts to approximately $100,000 to help residents repair vehicles and obtain registration and insurance. 
  • Ongoing long-term assistance will require rent assistance, potential alternative housing solutions, and counseling support.

We have set up an urgent relief fund to help meet the needs of these Mountain View residents. You can provide your financial support here

Work also continues with community leaders to develop solutions to this crisis. Critically, we want to ensure the approach remains empathetic for our neighbors in crisis.

As always, your support is appreciated as we ensure our community remains vibrant and equitable.  Thank you!