Like many of you, we have been tracking the news in Ukraine and witnessing the toll on civilian populations. The war in Ukraine is one of five major global conflicts per Wikipedia, although the only one that involves the threat of nuclear weapons. There are many ways in which our donors and community members can support those affected by the humanitarian crisis.

Below is a list of organizations accepting donations. We are also tracking this resource page that lists ways you may get involved beyond a financial donation. For excellent independent media coverage, we have been reading The Kyiv Independent.

Organizations Accepting Ukraine Humanitarian Support Donations

International Committee of the Red Cross

ICRC is working to assist those in need in Ukraine, including immediate supplies of water to hospitals and municipalities, provision of medicine and equipment to health facilities, and support for families by providing food and hygiene items. IRC also continues bilateral and confidential dialogue with the parties to the conflict to protect those affected by the fighting.

International Rescue Committee Northern California

IRC has offices in both Oakland and San Jose, and the organization has resettled thousands of refugees over the years providing legal services, emergency temporary housing costs, and rental and utility assistance for individuals and families.  IRC is on the ground in Poland ready to assist displaced families from Ukraine.


Internews is supporting journalists and independent media news outlets in Ukraine by providing them with resources to ensure their safety and ability to continue working during this conflict. This includes resources for emergency relocation and/or hibernation; safety supplies for armed conflict (e.g., flak jackets, helmets, first aid kits, and satellite phones); equipment; and training whenever possible for emergency first aid and safety covering during armed conflict.

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley

JFS SV is a refugee resettlement agency that has helped thousands of refugees with supportive services, including housing, food, employment, and other basic needs. J S SV has experience with the resettlement of refugees from all over the world and has staff with the linguistic and cultural expertise to serve a diverse community. Learn more about the many ways to help refugees here. The biggest needs are for housing as well as financial support.

Save the Children

Save the Children has been working in Ukraine since 2014 and is working with partners to help children in Ukraine in the most seriously affected areas, including Donetsk and Luhansk. Currently, the organization is providing water and hygiene kits to families and cash grants to families so they can afford food, rent, and medicine. They are also working with schools and community centers to help children with the psychological impacts of what they are experiencing. The organization also prioritizes ensuring that children have access to a safe, quality education.

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Hromada, a San Francisco-based organization, runs the Anhelyk Foundation, which “raises funds for children, whose parents gave their lives in the Russian-Ukrainian war in Eastern Ukraine. For four years now, we have been sending $50 per child of families whose father or mother gave their lives for Ukraine in the Ukrainian-Russian war, as well as providing college scholarships for these kids. The charity has distributed US$99,285 up till now.”


IsraAID, a past grantee of the Foundation, has fielded an emergency response team to Moldova to “set up mother and baby safe corners, provide mental health support, and distribute urgent relief items while continuing to assess the ongoing and growing needs of the crisis.”

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Joint Distribution Committees

Joint Distribution Committee is providing emergency services to Ukraine’s Jewish communities, many of whom are now relocating to neighboring countries.

Neighbors Abroad

Neighbors Abroad, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit, launched its Ukrainian Emergency Children’s Relief Fund to “raise money to buy food, clothing and basic supplies for people fleeing the war.” (Palo Alto Weekly)

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Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, based in Palo Alto, assembles and delivers aid packages to Ukraine; you can “donate clothes, shoes, household supplies, personal hygiene products, baby food (with an expiration date of not less than six months from date of purchase), diapers and medicine.” (Los Angeles Times) There is a specific need for shoes and clothing for children. The LA Times also notes “volunteers with trucks or vans are needed to take care packages to a delivery company, Meest, in Sacramento for transport to Ukraine.”

Razom Emergency Response

Razom Emergency Response is purchasing medical supplies and also works with Meest on transport to Ukraine.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine provides “medication and medical supplies for field and army hospitals at the front lines of eastern Ukraine.” (Los Angeles Times)

United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine is accepting donations to build and deliver first aid kits and other emergency medical supplies.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation has also put together a list of organizations collecting Ukraine Humanitarian Support donations that include International Committee of the Red Cross, International Rescue Committee Northern California, Internews, Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley, and Save the Children.

And, if you’re a baker, there are some great opportunities to provide support using your culinary skills. The San Jose Mercury News has a detailed article here, but you can also jump right to Bake for Ukraine or Hamantaschen for Ukraine.

If you need any assistance in providing financial support, please contact us