LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

In my previous note on LACF’s 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund, I reported that we had met our round one goal of distributing $100,000 to eight local nonprofits on the front lines of our local communities’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Round 2 of LACF’s 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund Grants

You’ll recognize some organizations from the first round (and two new ones), proposed by LACF’s staff and validated by our grantmaking committee and board. Each organization provides critical support to community residents suffering from life-altering issues stemming from the pandemic.

These challenges include increases in homelessness, food insecurity, mental health assistance, first responder support (e.g., childcare), and domestic violence incidences. Each has a funding relationship with LACF and needs an immediate infusion of capital NOW to support its work.

Round 2 of LACF’s Nonprofit Relief Fund will support the following nonprofits:

*Round 1 Nonprofit Grantee

As we did in the first round, we seeded the second round and now ask our communities to join us in funding these organizations.

We’re in a rapid response phase in addressing the pandemic, and as before, our goal is to distribute $100,000 across these organizations and close out this funding round within three to four weeks.

Our role in providing immediate funding during this phase and supporting #TogetherMV efforts have dominated our activities. But, we also recognized the need to provide additional flexibility to our grantees.

To that end, LACF informed its current grantees that they may convert program grants to general operating support and extended reporting deadlines. And we continued core grantmaking activities as well, awarding $98,000 across 26 organizations through our Community Impact fund and $10,000 in funding across four organizations through our E3 Youth Philanthropy program.

Strategically, we will continue to focus on rapid response activities at this time.

But, our communities still need your help. We hope you will continue to support the nonprofits contributing vital services to our local communities through LACF’s 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund and to the other nonprofits you normally support. Please also consider supporting the #TogetherMV efforts and check out What’s Open Los Altos.

Together we can all make a difference today – and in the months ahead.


By: Adin Miller, Executive Director, Los Altos Community Foundation