Natural Disaster Relief: How you can help

hurricane Ian

Hurricane season started off very quietly, but we have recently been provided harsh reminders of the increased ferocity of these storms. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Fiona devastated Puerto Rico, and last week, Hurricane Ian ravaged Florida and crippled Cuba. 

As in previous disasters, our community members are looking to respond. Community foundations are widely viewed as one of the very best vehicles to help donors give in response to natural disasters and frequently coordinate local relief funding. 

Any meaningful response heavily depends on individual giving, and we can help you make an immediate, powerful, and positive impact on the lives of those affected by these two hurricanes.

To help Puerto Rico, the Caribbean region, and Florida in their recoveries, please consider these organizations that are accepting direct donations to support people impacted by the catastrophes (and major thanks to the Connecticut Community Foundation for its work compiling this list).

We will continue to update the list as we vet other organizations and learn more.