LACF members hit the buffetOn October 16th, Board members, staff, Founders, and other supporters of LACF gathered for a Harvest-themed brunch at the beautifully decorated Los Altos Golf and Country Club.

The Annual Brunch serves as both an informational and social event, providing guests the opportunity to hear Executive Director Roy Lave update the highlights of the current fiscal year, which included some staffing additions and an acknowledgment of the success of the fundraising Gala held in August.

Roy Carol e1320426675572Keynote speaker Carol Larson, President, and CEO of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation discussed the partnership between their foundation and LACF, sitting an important role in vetting grant requests and distributing funds to local organizations.

Skye Delano, Program Director for LACF’s E-3 youth philanthropy program, shared her group’s enthusiasm for discovering youth-led opportunities that the E-3 group engages with.  Through E-3 (Engage, Educate, Empower), middle school and high school students learn about the importance of philanthropy at any age.  Four members of the E-3 program presented their work and how empowering it felt to give to members of our community in need.