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LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund


The daily onslaught of coronavirus news continues unabated. And the impact will undoubtedly resonate for months. Los Altos Community Foundation (LACF) is now learning nonprofit organizations and services that have been impacted by the outbreak.

They need new support now, and we anticipate additional needs in the future. Some have had to cancel major fundraising events. Others have seen a spike in requested assistance. And all face the challenge of providing vital services while protecting employees, volunteers, and clients.

In response, we have opened up the 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund to raise critical resources for these nonprofits’ immediate use.

LACF will immediately contribute and release $40,000 in funding to be distributed between the following organizations:

Each has a grantee relationship with LACF, are established organizations in our communities, and can immediately put the additional funds to meet critical needs.

We hope to double the funds available to grant to these organizations. Please join us in funding these community lifelines, either with new donations or disbursements from your donor-advised fund to the 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund. If you have a donor advised fund with us, I encourage you to make a grant request directly to the fund. You can also contribute directly to these organizations or support the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s regional response through its COVID-19 Coronavirus Regional Response Fund.

We know action is necessary now. We hope that together we can grant $100,000 to the organizations for immediate impact. If more is needed, we will issue another appeal to raise dollars for affected nonprofits and our communities.

With your assistance, we can help our local organizations navigate disruption to their operations, loss of income, and increased demand for their services due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Adin Miller
Executive Director, Los Altos Community Foundation