E3 Housing Insecurity Report

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E3 had the opportunity of having Amber Stime (MoveMV), Janleah McPherson (Mountain View Police Department), and Malia Pires (ReachSV) come to our November 1 meeting to discuss the needs of our unstably housed neighbors.

Their organizations provide a range of services to support people’s needs – everything from food and water, which is hard to store, to support for their children’s education, finding longer-term housing, health care, mental health services, and many other needs many of us take for granted. We learned that a shockingly large number of students in the MV Whisman School District experience homelessness and food insecurity. 

After the panel, a few leaderboard members were able to talk about their past cause group service projects, and we learned what we need to do to best help our community with our work. 

Thank you to Amber Stime, Janleah McPherson, and Malia Pires for giving up their time and helping us gain more knowledge on housing insecurity in our community.

– Danna Ruano, Los Altos High School

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