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October 9, 2021, is a special day for Donor Advised Fund holders like you.

It is the last day to apply for an opportunity to give matching grants to the nonprofits you support. Join the #HalfMyDAF movement and supercharge your donations.

Some LAMV-CF DAF owners have already participated, and we want to make sure you have a chance to amplify your giving.

For background, Bay Area philanthropists Jennifer and David Risher started #HalfMyDAF in 2020 to encourage donors to open up their DAF wallets and make grants generously. This movement grew even more significant in 2021, exceeding $10M new grants, as more joined them to offer matching grants.

The instructions for donors are straightforward. You can give to any nonprofit and to as many nonprofits as you like (except organizations that promote hate speech, hate crimes, or gun ownership). Just complete your #HalfMyDAF commitment form with the DAF grant confirmations attached. If you’ve already given but would like to do more, you can check out some ideas on where to give.

Learn More – #HalfMyDAF
Instructions for Donors
October is also a good time for tax planning, and now is the time to consider donating appreciated assets to your DAF for future giving.

You may be familiar with donating stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, but did you know that appreciated assets can include real estate, types of limited partnerships, closely-held or restricted stock, life insurance, and even cryptocurrency?

Feel free to contact us for more information or assistance with your philanthropy. Not only are we here to support our local nonprofits, but we are also committed to serving our community philanthropists who want to stretch and leverage every dollar for their social mission.

Our doors are always open to you.

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