A Conversation on Risk, Trust, and Equity in Philanthropy


A Conversation on Risk Trust and Equity in Philanthropy 4 people

A few months ago, I had the privilege of hosting a conversation among a group of outstanding nonprofit leaders about the intersectionality of risk, trust, and equity in philanthropy. The philanthropic sector this year has made tremendous strides in responding to community needs, reducing the burden on nonprofits, committing to address inequities, and recognizing the urgency to provide more support to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color)-led organizations.

The discussion was recorded on behalf of PEAK Grantmaking – the nonprofit representing the grants management professionals in philanthropy, which I’ve been affiliated with since 2002 – and converted into an article for the fall edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal. With permission, the article is reproduced below to shed light on how professionals in philanthropy are addressing this important issue.

A Conversation on Risk, Trust, and Equity in Philanthropy - PEAK Grantmaking

This article was originally published in the PEAK Grantmaking Journal. PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led national association of more than 5,000 professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. PEAK members come together to form a vibrant community of practice that advances shared leadership and learning across the sector – helping funders of every size and type maximize their mission-driven work through living their values. Learn more at peakgrantmaking.org and follow @PEAKgrantmaking on Twitter and LinkedIn.