Thank You to Our Donors


LC = Legacy Circle Member (Has included LACF in their estate plans.) * = Remembered Forever

Pillars of the Community | $10,000+

Sheila and Michael Brand
Shelley and Steve Brown LC
Claudia Coleman LC
Grimm Family Fund
Andrii Korotkov

Morgan Family Foundation
Virginia and Richard Strock
Pamela and Edward Taft
Laura and Boris Teksler LC
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation
The Grove Foundation
Troper Wojcicki Foundation

Community Builders | $5,000+

Eileen and Robert Eng LC
Heising-Simons Foundation
Bette and Steve Houtchens LC
John and Cindy Cook Family Foundation LC
Kathy and John Radford LC
Liz and Dave Rome
Singer Family Fund
Angela and Dana Stalder
Betsy Templeton
The Corrigan-Walla Foundation
Tabitha Jordan and Adam Weissman
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati




Community Builders | $2,500+

Tim Ayres
Karen and Neil Bonke
Delores and David Boyd
Alissa Erogbogbo
Sue and Ken Greathouse
Gay and Bill Krause
Susan and Robert Kresek LC
Ann and George Limbach LC
Jean and Alan Limbach LC
Twinkie and Brad* Lyman
Julie and Pete Mahowald
Crysta Krames and Clayton Peters
Anne Yamamoto and Bryan Polster
Mary and Tom Rees
Lenelle and David Smith
Vivienne Hsu and Ken Tsai
Young, Craig & Co. LLP

Community Advocates I $1,000+

Rani Menon and Keith Amidon
Jan and Dennis Austin
Dan Barritt
Jean and Art Carmichael
Pam Blackman and Edward Cazalet
Jennifer and Brian Cilker
Holly and Andy Cohen
Debby Meredith and Curtis Cole
Shelly and Jonathan Cowan
Barbara and Peter Dehlinger
Meri-Beth Bird and Mark Dzwonczyk
Margie Becker and Leonard Edwards
Kim and Bill Evans
Teri and Joe Eyre LC
Shannon Kilgore and Farrel Farhoudi
Kenna and James Fenton
Nicole and Greg Frees
Karen Parker and Joe Fusco LC
Shobana and Yogesh Gubbi
Anne and Larry Hambly
Judy Hannemann LC
Patricia and Gary Hedden
Cheryl Holt
Laurel and Bob Iverson
Matthew Johnson
Pammi and Vijay Kapoor
Mike Kasperzak
Elizabeth and William Klein
Annette and Jeff Knapp
Carol Kuiper
Claire Noonan and Peter Landsberger

Sue and Peter LaTourrette LC
Elizabeth and Karl Levy
Diana Lloyd
Marilyn Manning Lonergan and Richard Lonergan LC
Deanne Tucker and Eric Lutkin
Judy and George Marcus
Janet and Bob McDaniel
Anne and Peter Moran
Aruna and Venk Nathamuni
Martin Omander
Rob Parker
Rachel and John Phelps
Valerie and John Poggi
Lori and Harry Price
Rashid Family
Pilar Parducci and Tony Richmond
Mary Olson and Roy Rogers
Patti and Philip Rose
Lois and Jerry Rosenblum
Ellen and Edward Saliba
Ellyn Corey and Thomas Sartor
Mike Sasnett and Roberta Saxon
Beth and Bob Shuman
Michael Singleton LC
Jessica and Leonard Speiser
Emma and Thomas Tweddell
Cathy and Gary Walz
Cheryl and Donald Weiden
Judith and Peter Wolken
Christopher Wolz
Gayla Lorthridge and Walt Wood
Nancy and Clay Woods LC
Dennis Young LC

Community Advocates I $500+

Anonymous (2)
Robin and Michael Abrams LC
Lois and Bob Adams
Janis Ahmadjian and Richard Baer
Laura and Mark Bailey
Jimi and Ned Barnholt
Tricia Jordan and Larry Baron
Joan and David Barram
Mary Clark Bartlett and Russell Bartlett
Toni Bassett
Judy Bogard-Tanigami and Hide Tanigami
Joan Bowersock
Kathy Bridgman
Helen and Marion Brown
Lizebeth and Donald Burch
Kathy and Mark Camin
Jean and Mike Couch LC
Dee and Jim Cunningham
Linda and Alan Cyron
Gayle and John Dilley
Kim and Mohana Dissanayake
Phyllis Dorricott
Epicurean Group
Tamara and Stuart Fagin
Duffy Price and John Harpootlian
Sheryl Heckmann
Lalia and Hamilton Helmer
Wesley Higaki

Dianne Fishwild and Ric Hulett
Mady and Mel Kahn
Stuart Klein
Debbie and Doug Kundrat
Cathy and Steve Lazarus
Chris and Webb McKinney
Cheryl House and Peter Meyn
Cheryl and John Miller
Cindy Bogard-O'Gorman and Dennis Milligan
Kris and Ken Moore
Bob Morgan
Sharon and Mike O'Malley
Jennifer Martin and Daryl Odnert
Sindhu and Sangeeth Peruri
Norma and Bob Rayl
Vicki and Dave Reeder
Jeannie and Wells Richter
Susan and Richard Roche
Anita Lusebrink and Russ Satake
Hattie Shieh
Julia and Barry Smith
Joan St. Laurent
Marcia and Nathaniel Sterling
Debra and Seth Strichartz
Jon Tompkins
Marni Weinstock
Linda and Harvey Ziff

Community Advocates I $250+

Anonymous (5)
Abby Ahrens
Sue and Vic Althouse
John Beman
Marge Bruno
Jennifer and Brian Carlstrom
Sally and Mario Chaves
Marcia and Andy Chmyz
Fran Codispoti
Clyde Coombs
Marlene and Carl Cottrell LC
Kathleen and Phil Creger
Stevie and John Day
Maria and Mark Dickerson
Erik Feldman
Michelle and Mitch Galbraith
Artie Green
Helen Helson
Mark Hoose
Duanni and David Hurd
Lisa D'Alessandro* and Kyle Hurlbut
Rory and Dan Kaplan
Barbara and Bob Lessing
Emily and David Limbach

Sandra and Doug Limbach
Robin and Tom Liston
Pat Showalter and Steve Longcor
Rebecca and Matthew Lowell
Donald Mattson
Allan McLeod
Montclaire Brownies
Marilynn Occipinti and Bruce Nakao
Anita N. Nichols and Leslie C. Nichols
Edward North
Alice and Rick Nuzzo
Pat and Bob Reed
Cheryl and Chris Reinking
Julie Steury and Peter Reynolds
Sally and Dave Ricci
Christina Rudolph
Robin Wakshull and Dennis Rutkin
Stephanie and Carl Schachter
Lillian and Mark Stadler
Marilyn Austin and Jerry Strom
Emy Thurber LC
Nancy Traficanti
Freddie Wheeler
Patti and Ed White
Judy and Larry William

Community Supporters | $100+

Anonymous (8)
Anthony Alles
Sharon and Jeffery Allyn
Kristine and Erik Bardman
Jennifer and Jamshid Basiji
Vinnie Biberdorf
Ann and Peter Bjorklund
Ethelyn Bloom
David Blumenstein
Mary Ann and John Bogart
Sally Brew
Rita and Louis Cartalano
Agnes and John Caulfield
Connie and Patrick Chronis
C. L. Clark
Katherine and Bill Closs
Cathy and Steve Combs
Devon and Ken Conley
Colette and Kim Cranston
Lee and Rob Dinneen
Bettina and John Epp
Sheila and Phil Faillace
Virginia Fontana
John Forell
Gina and Brian Greenen
Sharon Greenstein
Deanna and David Gustavson
Olivia and Dan Haley
Adele Hennig
Bernis and Larry Kretchmar
Jacqueline and Donald Lathrop
Karen and John Lemes

Wendy Yu and Ken Ma
Heather and Peter Macdonald
Connie Mariottini
Kristina Kovacina & Jean-Rene Menand
Terry Morrison
Michael Murphy, Rolfer
Ann and Warren Nelson
Amy Wright and William Parkhurst
Jan Pepper
Catherine and Gary Petersmeyer
Judy Atterholt and Chris Petti
Dan Rich
Carol Rivers
Janet Tornow and Tom Rogers
Julie Rose
Susan and Glen Schofield
Ellen and Marvin Schwartz
Marge Sentous
Marge and Norman Shapiro
Janet Sloan and Peter Stahl
Sandra Wilson and Brian Steen
Linda Gass and Rob Steiner
Helga and Glenn Stewart
Barbara and Jack Tooley
Sally Truitt
Marian and Frank Verlot
Fiona and Todd Walter
Fran Vella and Mark Winitz LC
Katherine and Steve Wurzburg
Marie and Cary Young
Karen and Erik Zucker

Community Supporters | Up to $100

Anonymous (3)
Cheryl and Read Ambler
Irene Bautista
Bob Corman
Sybil Cramer
Patty Einarson and Matt Cuson
David Dalby
Annelle Delfs
Bruce England
Jeanne and Roy Evilsizer

Friends of Stevens Creek Trail
Eleanor Levin and Neil Gesundheit
Peggy and Richard Mandle
Bert and Anne Raphael
Brenda Keller and Jerry Shluker LC
Alex Shwarzstein
Susan and Ry Smith
Barbara and Mitch Topol
DeAnn and Troy Underwood
Candace Wilke


The Grove Foundation
Heising-Simons Foundation
Los Altos Community Investments
Moore Family Foundation
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation


California Water Service Co.
Young, Craig & Co. LLP